A doctor, a friend? But, how come? Someone may likely raise his eyebrows and jump into a debate to prove it something very wrong! Wait….
To such curiosity, we would definitely like to give some simple points that you would find to be the most genuine and practical ones to support this fact.

The Dentist – A Truth As Generally Accepted

To most of us, the dentist is a doctor that would mainly treat many of our dental problems and give us a medical relief. Very true! In such instance, he or she will become a professional that one may require in particular needs only.
Say for, there are many people who may be suffering from tooth decays, teeth discoloration, gummy smiles, missing or broken teeth or sorts of cosmetic dental issues. The dentist in this case will be indeed the first point of contact to convey specific oral solutions.
The profession of dentistry is all intended to help a society getting back the people into their normal health and eliminating any risks of future problem. They treat people at the right time before an actual oral health may itself get deteriorated and create other unwanted physical disparity.
All good!!
But, there is still something unacceptable in it:
As said above, although the role of dentist is of course quite important, it would come a little bit late. He would treat the problems; true. But, thinking it other way around, the problem is already here. The dentist resolving it is a secondary approach.
Then what is an initial approach?

Dental Health Promotion – A Social Awareness

What is that? It is an oral care!
It’s all about “how one would preserve their dental health”!!!
To do so, the healthcare department and the community has a very specific part in it. When it ever comes to form a healthy and disease-free society, it is all about awareness – an education for one to learn the right traits to follow a better oral health.

Dental Health Preservation

It is more likely to prevent a dental problem before it originally occurs – Indeed, the most preventive dental steps!
The precautionary oral care will definitely include,

Dental Preventive Care

One should have regular dentist follow-ups. One’s dentist can well warn them about some dental problems with sort of hidden signs and symptoms. One may even not feel or see several of the oral symptoms that the dentist would actually.
Such preventive dentist visits can,
a) Recognize dental signs or problems if any
b) Eliminate risks of oral health damage just by well managing and treating the issues if any
c) Analyse real-time teeth conditions and make proper advices or implements typical dental treatments as required
d) Warn about probable dental threats
e) Guide about the most perfect oral hygiene techniques and tips on the best oral nutritious food
f) Make a precise “oral health management plan” with necessary steps to completely follow a dental fitness

Dr. S. P. Singh


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